Drug offenses in South Carolina can be complicated.  There are many factors that Law Enforcement considers when making drug related charges.  A skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer will scrutinize these factors to identify defense strategies on behalf of their clients.  Folks are often charged in drug cases that really shouldn’t be and pursuing justice on behalf of those folks is something that we are passionate about.

In any drug case, the substance and quantity will control the level of charge that is brought against the individual.  Any past drug conviction can also factor into the charge as drug offenses are often enhanced by prior drug convictions.  Another major factor is the proximity to a school which the offense may have occurred, as such a charge is a strikable offense in South Carolina.

The way in which Law Enforcement obtains evidence to establish some drug offenses must be within legal thresholds.  Search Warrants for property, phone records, bank records, and gps monitoring of vehicles are often sought.  These Warrants need to meet legal thresholds in order for the search to be legal, otherwise the evidence obtained will be excluded from court proceedings.  Having a Lawyer on your side that understands these Law Enforcement functions and processes will ensure that your constitutional safeguards are upheld and that justice is preserved.


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