A criminal charge of Domestic Violence can have devastating impact.  Often times there are many unintended consequences that result from someone calling law enforcement during a domestic dispute.  Once on scene, law enforcement officers look for the physical manifestation of injury and attempt to determine the primary aggressor.  Law Enforcement will then make a determination about whether probable cause exists or if it is a situation where the statute requires and arrest.

From there, the charged party will have bond conditions that generally prevent any contact between the parties.  This can make circumstances that involve children very difficult.  Further, Domestic Violence acts an enhancement to itself, meaning a previous conviction of Domestic Violence will result in more substantial sentencing in a second of subsequent conviction.  Anyone convicted of Domestic Violence also loses the ability to possess a firearm for a period ot time.

Convictions for Domestic Violence could also be used against an individual in any Family Court, Divorce, Custody, or DSS hearing.  Resolving a criminal charge of Domestic Violence can be delicate.  Having a criminal defense Lawyer experienced in Domestic Violence cases like Scott is will help ensure that your interests are preserved to the greatest extent possible.


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